Do you need funding to your business? We offer flexiable Merchant Funding to businesses looking to take their business to

Do you need extra funding for your business?

Are you looking to expand your business? Or do you need funding for refurbishing your premises? Our flexible merchant fund solution could be the answer. We offer an unsecured form of funding to UK businesses that accept card payments.

Do I qualify for a merchant funding?

If you have had Merchant services facilities for a minimum of six months and you are averaging over £3500 throughput each month then you can qualify for Cash Advance.

Benefits to you:

We offer funding between £3,500 – £150,000

Super-fast application process – Up and running within 10 working days.
Cash flow friendly – Capital that keeps pace with your card takings.
Clear control – There is a one off fee for the advance. No other fees will be charged.
Payback as you earn – There is no repayment deadlines.
System friendly – Our unique independent split processing technology means that there is no need to change your current system.

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